About the Game!

Embark on a timeless adventure that spans all cultures. Forty, is an upcoming first person survival adventure game, that features a completely voiced story line. As well as, a fully integrated survival system. Players will take the role of a time traveler, that is transported to an event in time that all cultures can relate to. Along the way, players will be able to learn about the past, traverse caves, climb mountains, grow crops, solve puzzles, and build bases, as they make their way towards reliving this momentous event. The story is not currently being released at this time, but will be available as the game is developed. At this time this entire game is being developed by one man. This is a major undertaking so, I may end up hiring more people on to the project as the game  is developed. Currently, all the games development is being broadcast live on Twitch.tv! Feel free to drop by and ask the developer questions about the games development, as well as anything else you may need help with programming wise! Thank you for taking a look at Forty! The upcoming story based survival adventure from Sloth Studios!

Check out the teaser trailer!


Watch the development process here!