New Map & Biomes Incoming!

Hello Everyone!

Over the last month we’ve been hard at work on new biomes! This also includes a complete restructure of the current world map. Yes, we’ve completely tossed out the old map and started fresh!

Mountainous Region: Navigate the scenic mountains. This region is littered with caves, wildlife, and plenty to explore.

Desert Region: Set out across this vast desert, complete with sandstorms, critters, and heatwaves.

Deep Forest Region: Secrets lie deep within this region. The deep forest provides substantial cover for predators. Watch out!

Plains Region: Surrounded by mountains, the plains contain ample farming space & rich soil.


We hope to release more information on these new biomes as they get closer to completion. Please note, this is just a first pass. Many of the biomes featured here may be altered significantly. Special thank you to everyone who has been helping test the game on our official Discord. More information on the new world map is coming soon!  So, stick around!


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