The Current State of Forty

Hello all,

As you well know, Forty has been in development for little over a year now. I can say that I’ve learned a lot throughout the process and I appreciate all the support shown. Over the course of that year a lot of the framework and architecture has been laid. This includes, custom loading systems, image effects, player controllers, and a host of other back-end systems. I’m proud of the work that I’ve accomplished, although I feel as though something is missing. The game in it’s current state isn’t fun. Even though most of the core game loop is laid out. It doesn’t feel fun, or even play well to be quite honest. This year at the upcoming TwitchCon 2017. I wish to show off Forty and all the work that has been accomplished. I hope to have a playable demo, that’s fun and entertaining. But, I need your help. As of late, I’ve had little to no public builds available. So, as of 9-14-2017 i’m going to start shipping regular test builds. With that i’m opening up an official Forty Discord channel. This is a channel to share opinions on the game and it helps me to get feedback. You can join by clicking here.


Thank you for reading,